Monday, July 21, 2008

At point blank

I finally met that particular person. After listening to what D said that sounded a little more than possible... But I was right all along. I knew G far too well to cause hurt over and over again. I'm only human. Why wouldn't anyone see that? No one believed me, no one sided me, no one bothered comforting me........

If there was not intention to meet, why bother asking? The way they passed me by as though I was invisible till I called out. This person daringly said I was not noticeable. What a brutal stab... but G too know me far better by bringing another party to avoid my emotions. Why won't you just disappear silently since I am so hateable? How many rounds of revenge would you like? Told me I needed to be there to watch the performance, I wonder how far away from truth is that?

I got home and to my horror, I was reading that same book. That darn novel, with both G and C in it. I wonder does that person remember the existence of this novel? Where we used to be so thrilled about... it hurts so bad that I wanted to run, run and never look till its the end of me. I am a fighter but I am still human...I doubt I can hold my feelings any longer since I am now at point blank and bleaked..... I believe I have made my point on what I want really clear, but I will never know how you truly felt and feeling now. Its eating me up and I pray you'd notice how much it has eaten me up since you met me today and you can see it for yourself.

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