Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A satisfactory day

Today was a day filled with a mixture of everything. I entered my hostel room around 8.40am. Could you believe I spent 3 hrs with my room mate, K downloading songs and singing them? When I attended my class, Economics by the way, my coursemate who's gonna be performing in a singing competition tomorrow was asked to sing in class. It was great. I had fun listening and hearing what my other coursemates had to say. Or rather, I was glad that I didn't have to do anything related to academics for that period. Lo and behold, I was dragged into the mud puddle as well.

They coaxed me into singing. Just as I expected, my fingers started to shiver as though I was left stark naked in Iceland. I was dumbfounded not knowing what to sing with all eyes focused on me. I decided to sing just the chorus of my coursemate's chosen song A whole new world...

I almost got off pitched but I improvised last minute trying to save my dignity. LOL. But I enjoyed the experience of actually singing Porgi Amor in class after that. I found it a little offending when they looked uncertain with classical typed voice. However, towards the end all's well that end's well..

Back in my room, I found a webpage that allowed me to download tonnes of piano scores in which gave life to my devillish thinking of D. I saved so many songs that I fail to count them. HAHAHA, I shall coax him into playing.

Its K's birthday by the way. Walked all the way down for papaya, but K came up with the idea of treating us for Pizza. So we ordered, got back to our room with J tagging along. How can she not? Its food, her reason to live. Ate and ordered second round. Could you believe that?

We ordered a bowl of worms dipped in ketchup with balls and more wings. LOL.. that's if you get what I meant.

It was a pretty cool day.

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