Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Reflections (Performance)

Before I'd forget all the details its best I post this blog now. As those whom I've informed, I was given an opportunity to perform for my teacher at a performance in KL last Saturday. It was great!!!

First of all, D was invited last minute since I met him online. Amazingly he said yes. Then, we both got lost in One Utama trying to locate parking lot fourth floor. From M n S's boutique to Giant, we were in cold sweat as we were late.... phew!!!

Finally we found my teacher, hopped into his car and headed for the biggie. I was then told to play for worship. I was like okay cool.. Till I saw the scores with the wrong chords I was like OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!

D was keeping his cool as he stood next to me like a walking piano dictionary who literally told me the chords without much attempt on the piano himself. If it wasn't him there I think I would've just sat at the bench and pray that the ground would suck me up. Well apparently as I was about to sit on the stool provided, the stool was fixed too high in which I almost stumbled forward. My foot could not reach the pedal. And it was a keyboard in which I'm not really okay with. And guess what? MY BUTT WAS FACING THE AUDIENCE!!!!!

When it came to my turn to perform, I turned ice cold. I felt so low without anyone to give me support, thank God for D's presence. I really appreciate his support. I went out there and did my thing.

In the begining of worship I kinda lost all the tempo of the songs. Amazing grace was being dragged worse than ever. As for the accompaniment performance, I forgot how to end the song specifically as how my teacher told me to. I went on and on and I could feel the pressure on the crowd not knowing when to clap since I hadn't stopped. HAHHAHAHA it was really funny.
Knowing I did a mistake, the minute the song ended, I grabbed my book and was in a position to run for my life.

However my teacher whom had the authority with the help of the mic, told me to take a bow and mentioned my name. Aaaaahhh!!!! I got back to my sit next to D and prayed for the best. D calmly said that its all over now, but my hands were still shaking. Well, duh!! I almost ruined my teacher's show...

During the intermission, my teacher said I did okay. I was like, thank God!!!!!!!!!!

We stopped by at Dunkin's for a bite in which someone was too shy to accept one. Hmmm... it was all well after all.

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Karen said...

hey...too bad i missed this performance. Next time i'll try my best to come...nothing better then seeing my roomie performing on stage ;)

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