Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Young drivers

I don't mean to pry, but seriously, young drivers these days have a lot more to learn about attitudes on the roads. Passing the exams and getting a license doesn't make you an eligible a.k.a GREAT DRIVER, open your eyes wider and check out what's printed right on top --- Probation!!!

Get the picture? If you still don't, look on your left of both front and back car screen. Capital P double dose.

Firstly, if you can't drive manual, beg your mom and dad to get you an auto. I'm so annoyed with those on the hill slope. My lord, they would go backwards and nearly knock my car. What's wrong with you? Just pull the darn hand brake!!!!!! Is it that difficult to do so? You don't know how? - Pull the hand brake, you know that long thing on your left before the gear? Yup that's it. Then release your clutch half way and increase petrol, 50-50. Got it? GOOD.

Next, the funny thing is, you like the speed, yeah I feel your passion. But if you can't control the sterring then why do "bumper car" acts? You increase then you freak and you abruptly brake. Do you even realise how funny you look like from the back? hahahahahahahaha

If you can't park properly, park further away and do a lil walking yourself. I've been there done that. Taking up 2-3 parking spaces is so self-centered of you. Pity me, I find it such a hard time to park properly with my vision plus these behavioured parkers.

Lastly, if you're turning left, put the LEFT signal. What in the world are you doing putting the right? If you wanna stop at the side of the road just to wait for a friend, shut that darn emergency signal, it gives mixed signs. Before I leave, I must say, if you're driving manual again, when you stop your car, please remember to change it back to first gear cos you're getting on my nerves when the car jerks and dies.

So drive safe not drive fast, do it right and do it well. I love us P drivers!
I'm not saying I'm an ideal driver, I have double vision and that adds the spice of fear..

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- mandy - said...

did this came up after i drove u home today?ic,im the inspiration eh?lol...wow!like pro ar,dealing with manual car...ehehe

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