Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cold Scream...

As the day approaches,
I long to just remain at the corner,

Hugging my arms,

Clinging onto myself,

And say a silent prayer,

For a closure of all this pain

It has been many weathers,

Many minutes and seconds,

You're still on my mind

I wonder if I am on yours,

And if you enjoy being in hurt,

Or is this the remedy to your freedom from me

I don't care,

I have no luck,

I've tried all I can,

This is how I am feeling,

Lonely and thirsty,

Living in the cruel situation of "its over"

Reflecting the torture chamber

Snapping off my tendons,

Crushing my spine,

I'm all out of faith,

For I am broken,

For the reason that I will never know

I feel no warmth,

But biting cold,

A lonely journey,

Even with many,

But without you,

I'm trapped in a room of four walls,

It will be like you quoted, "Cold Scream"

.....sadly, no one hears me...........

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