Monday, July 14, 2008

Daddy, I love you

Gee... such a sentimental moment. I totally forgot that I had to replace my english tuition today. My two six year old and five year old respectively. I was not in the mood seriously because I had a tough time at vocal lesson. The kids were rather terrified cos I didn't smile and attempt to tickle them. I led them into the house and sat them down. Checked their homework and told them to colour two rulers since I was teaching opposites-- long ruler and short ruler. Then towards the end, their dad came early so I told him to sit at the corner first while I finish. I picked up a conversation book which wasn't from me but from their school.

I flipped through the pages and randomly picked one for them to read. That was hilarious, it goes something like this:

Hello, my name is PangPang (in chinese it'll be fat fat)
Hi, my name is SouSou (in chinese it'll be thin)

The PangPang part was hilarious seriously. At first the kids didn't notice it till I started rolling on the floor. SERIOUSLY, I DID!!

Then there came a page where it was :

Hello, daddy. I love you

I taught them separately this time because I saw their dad look up when I read that phrase. I asked the elder one, Jun Jie to point to me where is his daddy but he shot me the deadly look. I asked who's that man who's sitting over there? He said his my papa, so I asked what is papa in english? I had to coax him to say it out loud. He turned pink after that. So I let him go rewarding him with a waffle and jelly.

The younger one, Jun Wei was my next victim. He too read the phrase after me. However, he couldn't really get the meaning because he had difficulty reading the mandarin transalation. I knew the transalation well but I refuse to expose my knowledge in Mandarin. I do that pretty often, I'll just act blurr and silent whenever my friends converse in Mandarin. There was once in school where someone talked behind my back in mandarin, I merely turned around and smiled asking them in Mandarin, " Are you done?"

Since Jun Wei didn't get the meaning, he read the phrase sweetly. I told him daddy is papa. Then he roughly got the idea and similarly refuse to point me his daddy. So I said please pass this book to your daddy. He obeyed and went to his daddy. His daddy was over joyed when I said, "Jun Wei, call daddy." He did. His dad guided him through the transalation, word by word waiting for his youngest son to repeat after him slowly.

Pa pa, ni hao ma? Wo ai ni

Those were the exact words. When he completed it, his dad was so pleased and touched that he had to carry his son up and bid goodbye.

I'm glad I did something good today, because saying Hello, daddy I love you is something I could never bring myself to do.

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