Friday, July 11, 2008

Unlucky day..

I slept at three in the morning working out my tuition notes, I got up at 8 a.m. I was lingering about still in my nightie then I decided to go brush my teeth before I stink the whole floor and take a bath. I walked out in my bath towel as usual, well usually I do that because I'd be done before anyone gets up in the morning. And so, I walked out........just to realise everyone was walking about getting ready for class and the boy's block next to us could look over pretty clear now since the sun's up. I didn't know what to do. And I'm always in my embarrassing mickey mouse towel.. Argh!!

I got in my room, changed and I remembered I didn't do my laundry. So I rushed to the washing area and scrubbed like I've never scrubbed before. Rushed over the rinsing and alas! I poured the bucket of soap onto myself. Oh dear, and I didn't even have an extra pair to change into.

No choice, went to class with that horrible sight. After class I decided to print my assignment which was due today. After printing my roomie exclaimed that it should be exceeding 15oo words and I only had 1349. Oh crap!!So I rushed back to the room and editted my assignment. I carried my pail of laundry to the tumble dryer three floors down and two blocks away. No coins!!!!!!! I got to the mini mart nearby to exchange for coins. I gave her two ringgit change and asked for 2 fifty cents. What was I thinking?

I went back and asked for the other 2 fifty cents. Sigh!! Got to the dryer and found out someone left their clothes in there. I had to empty the machine myself. Ewww... Lingerie included. Finally, I could pop my clothes into the dryer and ran back two blocks and three floors to finish my editting.

I finally finished editting and decided to save into my pendrive till my laptop played tricks on me. It refused to save in the laptop, pendrive or anywhere.

I sent to K's e-mail and didn't work at all. Everything was not working. Clock struck 1.20pm and I had to hand in by two pm. I re-typed the whole assignment within 15 minutes and it was hell seriously. I typed so fast that I felt as though I was undergoing training for "The flight of the bumblebee"..

I got to the printing shop five minutes before class. Clicked on the "print" button but nothing came out. I got the same result after the second click so I asked for assistance. The boss filled in papers and then two copies were printed. Obviously, I told him I didn't want the other extra. He kept looking at the papers with dissatisfaction. Talk about ethics?! It was his mistake not mine. However, with his dumb act staring at my hardworked assignment I snapped.. " Forget it alright, I'll pay for the extra to satisfy you. Now take this and hand that over."

I got to class just in time to hand it over to my lecturer. My hands were trembling terribly by then. I barely had dinner last night now, no breakfast nor lunch. Sigh, and worse of all, I've not packed my luggage at all. I excused myself slightly earlier to get back to my room and took a quick shower and gather my things.

I got into the car and hit the road all the way back to Seremban. However, when I reached Rahang, a motorcyclist knocked on my window and I gave him the "What" look. He said something I didn't get after a few minutes I made out that he claimed our car brushed his hand. So as far as I was concerned there was no such thing. Because when we were caught in the jam 10minutes before he came by, there weren't any motorcyclist at all. We ignored him but I could see mom was getting worried.

When we were out of the jam spot in Rahang we noticed that he was still trailing us from the back. Demanding us to stop. I told mom to keep going and try to get him off our path. We drove till the traffic light before Giant? He became so agressive waving his hands in front of our car telling us to stop. Mom swirfed and sped off into Giant and then sent me to my teaching institute. I called our trusted family friend to help us out since mom was at the verge of tears... Uncle X told to go to the police station. But mom had catering to finish. So I suggested she get home immediately and park the car inside the house and lock all doors till its time to send the food.

I got up to the tuition centre still worrying. Called my sis to get home to mom. Sigh what an unlucky day....!!!!

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