Thursday, July 17, 2008

If I could just see you...

I've never met you,
Neither have you met me,
Perhaps we have passed each others by,
But none had taken notice,
Was there no opposites attract?

Both were so far yet so close,
Family ties that were rather bonding,
Your dad's been there to watch us through and through,
My mom's been there to watch you grow up,
But we've not watched each other for neither things

I finally got the courage to meet the mysterious you,
Whom I've heard so much about,
A boy rather cheeky yet respectful at times,
Playful yet serious,
Jolly yet poignant

A mixture of everything,
Seems to me like a pretty good blend,
It would've been great to have shook hands,
At least a sign of acknowledgement that we both exist

You did not wait for me,
Though never met,
I blamed myself,
I don't know if I could've made a difference,
But I wish I had a chance to give it a shot

I was never told you passed,
Though now I know,
I've heard much about you,
People I know, know you
But we never met...

I have many doubts,
Questioning other people about how you were,
They tell me you're of no good,
No point being saved,
Who am I to believe when the real you is gone?
There is no proven hypothesis without evidence.
Now... I'm left with nothing but a scarce imagination of how you were.

How would it have been if we met?
How would it have been if I was at least nearby that night?
How would it have been if I could help the situation?
Why couldn't I do something?

I stop and stare,
But I don't see you anywhere,
Because you're gone,
Even before our gazes click...

Wherever you are,
I'd miss you,
A stranger whom I've never met,
Nor exchange words,
A stranger who's given me his History textbook,
Not knowing whom he gave it to,
I wish I knew you,
I wish I met you last Christmas,
I blame myself,
Of being no help to stop the hurt.

A thousand miles away you are, if only the plan to meet was fulfilled.... if I can just see you..
I'm sorry I'm too little too late, I grieve for you dear stranger...

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