Monday, July 14, 2008

Moral Class Test

I knew there was a test today but I couldn't bring myself to study last night, many things occured so I had to get my mind off them books. What an excuse eh? I read a lil last night. Well actually I planned to study till midnight then sleep, but the book became my blanky till the next morning. hehehehehe....

I got to the library by 9a.m, then I sat down near the Engineering section? So I was reading and reading, then I noticed my hair was falling. I gripped a lock of hair (obviously not the dropped ones) and began to grumble. "What the? You dumb hair...bla bla...." Satisfied, I looked up and guess what? Mr. I was in front of me. Oh my God, what an embarrassment. He sat down in front of me giving me a wry smile. Gee, I think I turned pink. Hahahaha, usually in college I'm the dude who cares least about hair.

Anyways, we got to silence and started studying. I wondered why he's so quiet this time. You see, he usually would be nominated for the most annoying person's award. Till he begin to drum his fingers on the table...!! It was time to go since K messaged me saying she's already in the hall. Mr. I and I left the library, hmmm, he actually held the door for me. Never noticed his manners before. Or was it because he got up the wrong side of the bed this morning? We arrived at the hall, the door was open we popped our heads in and said "sei lor!!!" To those of you who don't know cantonese, it'll be "die lor"

Rushed my butt down to the stage of the auditorium to throw my bag there and get my pen, grabbed a copy of the exam paper from the table and got a seat. Lecturer S really panicked me. I looked at the questions and it was a double "sei lor". No idea what it was talking about. I calmed myself down and answered the best I could. Then I said a prayer.

The hall was freezing, my fingers literally turned blue. I finished whatever I could and then Karen gave me the are you finished look so I nodded and we both got up. I was so blurr. I nearly tripped my way down, just imagine? I'd roll down the steps and land face down on the mountain of backpacks on stage. HAHAHAHAHAHA. However, that episode did not take place. I got to the table and I was even more puzzled. There were three stacks, one stack for unused paper, another two for the answer sheets we were to hand in. So the two stacks were identical, suddenly I had a panic attack of stupidity thinking that I should answer the same question twice???

Don't you just feel like knocking my head? I wasn't even standing properly. I probably look like a drunkard down there. I stapled my papers all together and placed it where Karen placed. Turned around to take my bag. I took up someone else's and was staring at it. HAHA, I got mine and then walked out. I was busy replying SMSes after that. Oh and you know what? I lost my way to class. Pretty blurr, K was my walking partner thank god.

The test was really really really really really hard. Questions like explain absolute values, categorical imperative and I was like HUH? This is what I got for not revising enough. I'll have to work my way up through my remaining assignments. Sigh

When I got to Economics class, I turned into a nut. I started laughing at everything. I think I'm eligible to say this...

I AM OFFICIALLY.................................CRACKED

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Karen said...

oh dear...u got us really worried. Sitting in class and laughing for no absolute reason. hahahaha....guess that's wat moral does to people. Anyways..i think u did fine..u wrote quite long. dont worry so much la

vaga luna said...

thanks karen. apparently there is a vast difference of writing something that is relevant to the test and something that is not. i was practically crapping about principalistic and situational ethics... hahahaha and then the mary question? i said that the baby should be sacrificed cos no point having the dude since the wife the other half of the creator would be dead.

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