Saturday, July 19, 2008

Wonderful day

I had so much fun today. I mean yeah I had to rush for my moral assignments and so on it was rather stressful but top it up, I think today was great. I got up to find that it was already 9.05 am and I had an appointment with J and A at the cafeteria for breakfast. Haha, I know I'm not a breakfast person but hey what's food when it comes to company? I rushed like mad but it was worth it though it was a brief breakfast in which I didn't have the time to grab a bite myself. At least I managed to talk to them both. This two boys... I've not really sat down with them for a meal since they came to college.

Old timers.. its been years since I've known them. I'm really glad that they made the first move to ask me out. I've always thought that they've forgotten me. I really enjoy friendships as such cos we know each other so well and you know that no matter how long you've not spoken, there'd be a day where they do call you and ask how you are.

I've met friends here in college. I'd like to know them better. Hopefully there'd be a chance to improve in that aspect. It'll be awesome if I can get to know my mates as close as how I am with J and A.

I got back to Seremban just in time for a shower. Mandy picked me up shortly after that and we went on to pick out a cake for Hau. Got to the Hawaii steak house and we were both like "SURPRISE!!!" Socializing went on wildly as everyone's talking to everyone. lol.. it was nearly nine that I sneaked into the kitchen and got the cake out. Lighted it up with Mandy and walahh... sang birthday songs numerously to Hau. Made fun of her too. We practically sinked her head into the cake. AHAHHAHHA...

I rushed to Grace's aid after that at A & W. She was rather depressed the some what me before. I am still but I can control it now. Knowing she's a freshie on this, I'd be glad to be there for her. She cried her heart out. I could feel the pain, really I could, cos I know exactly how it feels like. However, just needed her to know that I'll be there for her. I gave her the green light that whenever she calls me, I'd come back from college if I have to. No probs on that.

Came home nearing midnight, I missed the online appointment with D. However, I continued chatting with the rest of my mates on MSN. A satisfactory day that I really enjoyed myself. I pray that hopefully mates in college whom I've gotten to know this year, would enjoy such events with me too. Did a replica of it for K on her birthday just not to that extreme. Hmmm.. I wonder who's next? Lol!

Anyways, its great to live life this way. You feel for the hurting, you clap for the joyful. Peace!

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