Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Grand Night for Singing

I got up this morning...asked D out for breakfast and you know what he said? He said he'll send his cat over to accompany me. Argh!! Poor me, being turned down by five people for just a meal?! I wonder where's the world's mercy has gone.. oh sigh
Alas! my good old granny, who boiled me chicken (white meat only) Slurrpppppp. :p

Got dressed by 12pm since I was gonna go for the concert...I arrived at my teacher's place (next to B-strong shop) but she was still having lunch so I wondered into the music room and played whatever that was there... till she popped in. Apparently her maid did not inform of my arrival. I should be thankful my teacher did not attempt to hit me with her aluminium water bottle, cos I pity the bottle.. haha

The poster for the concert I went for.

Got into the car, met my teacher's bro and my sister tagged along. The journey was cool, jokes and thoughts. We got to the Istana and guess what? We spotted people in jeans and shorts. So much for the formality. LOL. But anyhow, we should be glad we had the poise.

We headed to the counter and waited..........waited..............and one attended to us so we decided to go check out the other exit and see if anyone's even here. HAHA, the counter was there after all.

I wonder how can anyone notice that the counter was there??

I enjoyed the concert very much. Best of all, I was invited by one of the singers to dance along with them on stage, hahahaha, if you're too shy to do that, don't ever get the front seats and corner. I had fun doing so though, had to learn how to be sporting. Well, I'm not as lucky as my sis who got asked TWICE.hahahaha

Watching the concert reflected alot of memories of me in choir due to medley they performed. It would be great if I can help the school choir now.... ha....I heard a gal sang Taylor the Latte Boy, I think I'd like to sing that one day. And hearing them today, made me see the wonders of music.

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