Thursday, July 10, 2008


At that very moment when I was crying all alone again, I cried my heart out like a little child who's lost her blanky taking advantage that my room mate has gone to take a bath....
Amazingly, D's SMS popped up unexpectedly:

"I have faith in you, maine, so let's make some noise , I may not be able to help you with your music exam, but I sure as hell won't let you drop what you love that easily."

Smiling, crying and laughing at the same time with my tear stained cheek freaked my roomie out. K was like.. "OMG, are you crying? Oh dear... I don't know what D does to you when you guys chat you always end up like this."

Though the remaining few tears managed to escape the corners of my eyes I smiled and looked at her, "you're gonna have to read my blog to find out" She did and I showed her the loveliest SMS I've ever received. She understood then.

I thought that was it, I decided to see if D left me a comment on my page as well. Unfortunately no, but K and my other friend AJ left me comments that were uplifting as well. Honestly speaking, I've never had a chance to experience that much encouragement before.

It was a bittersweet moment because I poured out my sorrows and I've failed to put it back in that hole in which I used to keep them all in and at the same time I've found friends that cared and comforted me when I needed it the most.

this feeling i'm feeling now is a rich blend of bitterness but yet a touch of sweetness..

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