Saturday, July 12, 2008


I woke up at about 7a.m. thanks to my sisther's annoying alarm clock buzzing my head off under my pillow. Sigh, seriously regretted getting a queen bed to share with. Lol!! I had to meet Grace Kong at 8, gee....... when will I ever get proper beauty sleep? I SMSed her to beg for mercy to let me sleep. She called me a pig and told me she'd wait till 9am. awwww.....!!

SADLY, the minute I shut my eyes, the alarm buzzed AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess its pretty obvious now on who's the pig. HAHAHA, kidding. I dragged my lifeless body out of bed with my eyes still shut and headed to my brother's room instead of the bathroom. It's a good thing I didn't brush my teeth against the computer keyboard.

Walked out and this time with only one eye shut. Got into the bathroom lingered around a bit for no reason at all and then decided to be lazy -- not wash my hair. HAHA. Stood at the door told my sis to smell my hair to give it a quality check. ---APPROVED! :D

Took a shower and dressed up with a teacher look,dumped my lecture notes into a canvas bag and walah!!... the car is mine for the day. Hehehe..Headed to the parking behind the store a.k.a Lee Sam road. Got off paid for 3 hrs parking and called Grace. Met her and unexpectedly Pei Shyen and Jia Yi was there too. Had a drink and landed our butts in the library. I had to run through some math questions before I teach today. I wouldn't want to teach the dudes something else would I?

Bout eleven we decided to leave for Jusco but had to make a stop at the new The Store for Jia Yi to collect her week's paycheck. That was funny, I wanted to turn right and head towards Courts Mammoth traffic light and go on to Jusco but they said turn left. So my signal was right ,left,right,left. The cars behind honked me out of my seat.

We decided to karaoke. I was rather nervous cos its been awhile since I've sung with a microphone and with a minus-one and not forgetting with friends. So I declined all offers for the first 30minutes, then Grace shoved the remote at me and told me to sing something. I chose 'Bad Day' since that was the recent one I've heard with a friend of mine. That went well and then another and another came by.

I sang: - Bad day
- Bleeding love
- A whole new world
- Angels brought me here
- In the begining
- Wake up call

Phew!!! And I had to teach after that. But I really had fun. Singing with the mic was like a mini concert, cool. I wish I have a chance to be on stage and do it for real. I felt so energetic I actually ran from the karaoke to the tuition centre to teach without panting at all. I FELT LIKE A NEW ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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