Monday, June 30, 2008

I'm finally 18

I should've blogged this up long ago but I hadn't got the time. My birthday was on the 21st last week. It was awesome all the way. I got up at 7 in the morn and I had to start tidying the house and getting ready with the barbeque party. It was my first birthday party I've ever had so I was kinda hands on on everything. From the foodstuff to the furniture arrangements. Finally 6pm strike and I dashed out to pick a few friends of mine who had transport issues. When I got home, I was so happy that I've got really cool friends who actually helped me with the setting up fire, table and etc. I felt bad too frankly because it was my birthday and they are my guests how could I let them do all the work? But hey, I learnt that a friend in need is a friend indeed. I can't help thanking God over and over again for such a wonderful blessing. My big surprise was that they hung a Happy 18th Birthday banner at my gate. Awwww!!!!!

As the party went on, I caught up with their lives. Though I've missed out a lot last year, now everyone's matured and so fun to be with. I really enjoyed myself that night. I've never had that much of conversation with that much of people for so very long. It was a girl's party so you know, we could talk about everything. The funny thing was, my neighbour held a wedding dinner at the same time, so it was an Indian Kenduri and they actually rented the P.A. system. The music was so loud and it was obviously distracting all of us. I didn't know what to do and I didn't know whether my friends would enjoy myself then. Then A.S started shaking her head.. M.L started shaking her body... G.K started shaking her butt and I was like wow!!!!

Towards the end, they surprised me with a birthday cake. I almost cried when I saw it being lighted up. I've not gotten a whole cake since I was like 14 I suppose. It was really sweet of them. Though the last part, after making a wish and blowing out the candle, they actually attempted to smudge my oily face on the cake. HAHAHAHA!!! They failed, but had a backup plan, that is I have to use my mouth to remove all the candles. Guess what? Candles tasted good actually ( got to know since I chipped off a little on one) Hahahaha...

Since I turned 18 I made iced ribena vodka.. I'm glad everyone enjoyed it. Towards the end I guess everyone got tired so we just sat down and chatted. Lying in my bed that night, it was the best night ever!!!

I just wanna say thanks to X.Y, M.L ,H.E.H, J.L, G.K, AZ, A.S, G.L, S, J.C, Ms. P, and my family.
I hope you folks will send me a copy of the photos soon.

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