Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I thought its just my luck,

At this point of life I'm in,

Everything seems to be falling apart,

Nothing seems to be whole,

Everyone comes and leaves,

Quicker than passengers at the subway,

Seriously, I thought life was at wits end...

A knock came to my door,

Then the second one and so forth,

People whom I thought would never care anymore,

Appeared in my life again,

It was a bittersweet moment,

Not knowing the true intentions of those who cared,

Hating them when they only meant love..

It was then I noticed someone,

That someone who's been with me all this while,

May not be every second of my life,

But sure is present whenever I succeed,

Whenever I fail,

Whenever I feel ugly and disgusted...

That person never failed me,

Maybe it was out of friendship,

But sure saved me from more heartbreaks,

Never stopped me from anything,

Maybe not wanting to interfere,

I wish that person did..

In everything I do,

supported me through and through,

Never spotted any flaw in me,

It felt as though I was so blind before,

But I can see clearly now,


I think I'm a little too late,

I really don't know,

If only I could turn back time,

I finally met white chocolate,

But I think caramel appeared sooner than I did

Life's just like that,

Looking out from the window,

You see everything you want,

Standing on from where you looked,

Makes you feel so small..

When you've finally thought you achieved that something,

Thought you've finally found that someone,

Something else pops up,

Just like wind change,

You won't know when..

Being at this point of life,

I realised that it hurts even though I'm recuperating,

Even if I'm healed it still hurts,

But things don't just happen the way you want it all the time.

Life is just like a stage show as quoted by Shakespeare,

Everyone's merely playing a role,

Though I really wanted certain things and certain people to be as how I wished,

It all depends on the character you're playing,

And whatever you'er playing depends on the script writer..

You spotted the last slice of cheesecake at the baker's window,

As you step in it was bought by another person,

You finally met someone you think would be,

He answers a call, "Baby, what type of milk would you like?"

You think you know what you wanna do in life,

When you're 26 you'd be wondering what are you doing in this field..

Nobody knows anything,

Life is just that ironic,

Like it or not we don't have a choice,

I wish so many wishes,

Of things I really want to re-do,

But it'll never happen,

I'll just have to take it with me,

A scar, a memory, an experience,

For the future that awaits me..

Even though life is ironic at most times,

I may not know for sure how to face it,

What'll happen next,

But I know that the scrip writer is never wrong,

He plans us all out the way it should be,

The right way,

After all's been done,

It'll be worth it..

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