Saturday, August 30, 2008


This was our lodging which we played the game of Mafia (till I know I have no idea what was going on in the game) Yep, we all crashed on the floor for the night, but it was fun!
It was the day of the trip to Malacca, we were all still groggy as it was early in the morning when we departed... till Santa Claus came early this year! He delivered us packets of SUPER RING keropok. Oh by the way, its new trend this time, Santa come knocking on your window instead of the chimney ever since he got too fat. :P

Well, the first thing we did when we reached Malacca was to hit the zoo...
Yes, this reminds me of the "watak utama" of my previous post about the person who MSNed me? HORNY you see...

This reminds me of J because he always forgets to zip his fly.. bra..obviously he doesn't wear one but..close.

Ah yes, this reminds me of Melman on the Madagascar cartoon.

Ah...the history of Malacca begins from this lil dude

This reminds me of someone Hairy... in my college... you know like umm.. someone I was saying that wanted to kill me. By the way, this monkey has a very colourful butt. It's ready to mate.. well mates, try not to imagine Mr. I in this aspect. (maybe just once *winks*)

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