Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mr. Jailer

The urge to have a listening ear,
But not just any ear,
But that particular someone,
Sadly, the door keeps slamming,
No one hears you cry,
Told yourself it'll come around soon,
Soon is just not soon enough

Being in a crowded place,
Finding it hard to think,
Tried to shift your focus,
Doing chores and miscellaneous,
Does it work?
I should know better,
The outcome is always the same,
Where it'll be walking out that door

Leaning against the wall,
Head tilted a lil,
Hoping to make something out of nothing,
Checking your mobile for the hundredth time,
That's when you know,
No one really knows your name

You believe, then you doubt,
So confused and frustrated,
Thinking whom should be here,
Would be here, ain't knocking at your door,
Walls are closing,
The tank is filling up,
You're drowning, can't find the knob to get out

You failed to find the reasons why,
Why people see you that way,
Why people leave at a point,
That's when it all shows,
Everything you wished for may not come true,
You're so locked up, you wanna breakfree,
But the jailer ain't gonna let you out

If only you take one step at a time,
Pick up your loads and burdens,
Charge your batteries into a new plug,
Look at another door,
Look into another's eyes,
Keep your head up,
Don't frown,
I'll be there, I'll be watching,
Though failing to be that new plug,
My prayers are with you,
And I'll watch you from a corner

I pray you'll be alright,
A prayer you won't know,
My thoughts will have your name,
And the who I know and trust,
My lips are sealed,
But my prayer will walk with you.
Dear jailer, be free, be happy again

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