Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday, 28th

Yesterday my roomie ordered McD delivery for me for dinner! Awww.. she said its to celebrate me doing well for my semester exams. We struggled so much just to look for the number. Finally, the man came and I just grabbed a pair of shorts and we headed downstairs to collect our goodies. We got our dinner meal and my phone rang so I sat down at the nearest bench to answer it, was my sis so yeah had to. It was then a bear approached us. A well built bear approached our sitting area, hairy type of grizzly bear. The amazing part was that this bear, he speaks. He took some french fries from Karen's bag and had manners to say thank you. hahahaha

Well, my roomie's got JPA scholarship. So she's most likely gonna leave the programme to join what is required of her. Hmmm, well, looking at the bright side, she gets to go US like how she always wanted to. Whilst I, continuing my journey in music. :)
However, our A-levels class will just remain the five of us then. I've been thinking a lot about my roomie accepting this JPA offer, she have to forgo her dreams of being a lawyer to take up economist. Something she can do and something she loves. Tough decision I know cause I'm doing the same thing. But to those of you who are in the same situation, most of the time, we'dstill go for the something we can do instead, more promising for the future. Well roomie, though we may not get along that much in the previous semester we sure are making progress this time, but if you do have to leave, cheer up! Perhaps we're not destined to be room mates for long but the friendship/sistership we developed should last us a lifetime to come. Hey, I'm always the one worrying that I'll get asked to leave the programme for poor academic achievements, looks like you're the contrary,eh? :P

Did I mention what I hate lately? I hate FOOD POISONING. Its my fourth day now, and its not a nice feeling. My limbs are so weak. Not forgetting a long day I have at school tomorrow. It's the end of the week so soon and I'm heading back to Seremban today. I'm looking forward to my schedule for this weekend so let's hope I'll be able to have fun.

A lil worried about Friday cos I'm walking back and forth...geez.

Today : 5pm- Reach seremban walk to terminal
6pm- Pray to God someone will pick me up
7pm - Teach Piano
8pm - Going out with Anna

Friday : 6.40am -Morning Prayer
8.30am- Doc Lim's clinic
10.00am - CF practice
10.30am - Walk to KGV
11.30am - Walk back to ACS to have a chat with Pn. Puspa
12.30pm- CF meeting
1.30pm - Do nothing (arghhhh)
2.30pm - Head to STM :)
7.oopm - Go Seremban Garden
7.15pm - Pray hard that I won't fall off Kit Sing's bike
7.30pm - A&W yam cha session
11.oopm - Pack up

Saturday: 8.ooam - Seremban Market for b'fast
9.00am - Malacca here I come!!!

Sunday : 8.00am- Church (hunt Siehjin down)
12.00pm- Bored
Evening - Swimming!! (gasps)

1. I need new swimsuit that has more cloth
2. I need to sumbat the contact lens
3. I need to find more shorts to wear
4. I need to cut my hair
5. I need to practice piano for CF cos I don't remember how to play
6. I need to stop shitting!!!!!!!! :'(

Roomie, the sky is yours for now, this is our faith! You make a decision based on what you think is right and what you think you can live with for the rest of your lives. Don't bother too much about the future, care what you want, what your heart says. God bless you in whatever your decision is, do take time to listen to Him, He'll give you His opinion. Can you please wake me up tomorrow morning for my morning prayer in school?

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Karen said... sweet. He doesnt wanna talk to me..i was fumbling beneath my comforter hoping He would give me a sign but to no avail. I slept only at 5 i think.Whatever...we will still be roomies, best friends, sistas, debaters, music freaks and maggi mee fans!!! hahahahha. Anyways, see tomorrow la. Life is unexpected huh? Thanks for the words...i'll keep them in memory for tomorrow

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