Saturday, August 2, 2008


This is seriously getting out of hand...
its my seventh night not being able to sleep well.
I know there's a lot going in my mind
but it usually does not affect my sleep
but now, my lord!!!

Why can I not sleep?
My body is aching for a time of rest,
My mind feels so jammed,
I think my head's gonna explode,
Why is everyone sleeping so early?
I'm so lonely and blurry,
It would be dawn in no time,
That is when my head would surrender to the pillows,
Oh save me from this agony,
For I now look like a panda,
I find days that have passed and those yet to come a dread,
Should I take them pills?
Or will self perseverance rule over?
I've not slept in days,
My head is in a daze,
Dazzle me with your charms,
Nuzzle me with your words of comfort,
Tuck me in instead of dad,
Put me to sleep, dearest,
Don't give me another hard time,
Be nice and play me a song,
For my body mind and soul long to be rested for once...

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