Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Jammed door

My room mate decided to wash her hands yesterday night after our lil supper. She volunteered to do the dishes for me too. Awww... it was so sweet. She took the dishes out to the pantry and closed the door behind her whilst I who was so addicted into MSN did not bother doing anything to help. Sigh.... then after typing a few sentences I decided to hang my clothes up and dump my dirty clothes into the laundry and so on. I glanced over at my table then I saw my comb... losing a lot of hair lately, lack of nutrition the doc said. So I cleared it and headed to the door to throw it at the rubbish bin outside. I turned the knob with my right hand. It didn't open. With my left, it didn't either. Then I put the rubbish into a dustpan for the moment to focus on the door. I twist and turned but nothing worked. Then, I knocked on it and screamed, "Karen!!! Stop holding the door!! I wanna get out" Thinking she was pulling a prank on me. No answer heard so I looked through the peeping hold and saw no one. I panicked and kicked, hit, shook the knob and so on.

Roomie returned and she tried to open the door. I shouted from inside, "Karen! I can't open the door" And she thought I was pulling a prank. She kept telling me to stop. Good grief, I didn't know what to do. I guess we both are prankers so we can't trust each other can we? So we decided to co-operate. She pushed and I pulled. Failed Round One. Round Two: She pushes and kicks, I pull and jump backwards. FAILED!

Next: Took her RHB atm card to slide at the side... failed.

She said she'll go downstairs and get the guard for help. I said okay. She left and I just realised something, I needed to pee. Oh dear... then Anna and Mandy were online so they kept me company. Rather, they spent their time laughing...ahhhhhh
The repair man came and the video beneath would be the rest of the story...

I forgot to mention, he broke his screwdriver in the process. Gone all the way back to his truck to get another pair of bigger pliers and screwdriver

Somewhere along the line you will see a pail underneath my table, yes, that is my laundry area (sheepishly) LOL

It was quite funny when it comes to breaking my door... only one part I hate was that the repair guy told my roomie to try out the keys, he stood inside the room whereby I was sitting by my bed and he was infront of me. He made her go out to try it and he locked the door with me and him inside. Sigh... I was so content that the door was fixed I couldn't be bothered till he started to scratch his groins? He did it and I thought it was ok, let's not judge. Roomie opened the door and he asked her to try the second key and again he did what he did again. I don't like whatever that happened. You can ask me in detail but ewwwww... and heck yea, I feel so sick. I seriously think that should be an extra clause of human rights as now that we're studying law --- Do not scratch your private area while at work.

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