Monday, August 4, 2008

The decision

I embraced myself,
I walked into that very room,
I sat on that two seater,
I hugged my books close to my chest,
My fingers entwined with the comb bindings of my books,
As I await his grand entree

He walked in,
Brief greetings were made,
No smiles exchanged,
The air in the room was getting intense,
I started to suffocate,
But I remained calm,
For the decision of mine shall be told now

He played the first few scales,
I sang and I cracked,
I tried to improve but failed at some point,
He questioned my failure,
I shrugged and gave him a look of defeat

He got off the bench and walked out the door,
My heart sank and I felt far worse,
I couldn't find my story nor song,
I couldn't gather my wits to face the music,
The final phrasing of my journey in voice

He returned,
We discussed it rather maturely,
We handled some paper work,
He instructed me,
Notifying what will happen from this minute on

I thanked him,
Took what's left of me,
The new found reality was so overwhelming,
I could barely move my feet,
But I walked with integrity,
Telling myself,
What's done is done,
And there is no turning back

He said there's no need to prove to him,
He knows what I am,
The question is to me,
DoI know what I am?
But neither he nor I will ever know,
Since it is all been said and done,
Though I wonder was it the right move

The decision has been made,
The jury has decided,
Signatures have been put down in ink,
This will be my new phrase,
My prayer is that it'll be alright,
As I work to recuperate,
May God bless the broken road.

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