Sunday, August 3, 2008

Soap slap

HAHAHAHAHAHA, okay, before I sound like a lunatic I must say that I find whatever that has happened today rather hilarious.. or too hilarious. I can never have a complete conversation with you can I? There would be interruptions, :D

Well D, I hope I didn't sound impolite today when I burst out into laughter because I really tried to hold it but I can't? Readers, I can't go into details over here because if I did, I'll be R.I.P when the person involved reads this. Ahem!! You think I give you too much credit eh? Well, I'm rather a stingy person and I only give when you deserve it. I shall thank you here and now since you didn't look like you accepted it just now. There's still a wall there though I don't know why BUT I will take it slow like you said.

Hmmm, is it because of what's been going on ( like today) that's why you cabut lari? Or is there any room of improvement on my side? I wonder, but I've been told I assume too much so I'm not going to do anything about my assumption. If it is because of what's been happening, I hope you will be mature and brave enough to not let it get to this friendship. Auntie Dot asked if I wanna be a member in church, I'm still cracking my brain because I don't know how well I've been adapting so far and I'm sick of floating as well. Sigh, pray for me will ya?

Next part, I HATE YOU! ( only for this section) If putting it on my bloglist was such a biggie to you couldn't you open your mouth and tell me? Sweat!!!! Hey, my visitors counter don't matter alright, and you had to take away that one and only thing I'm needing damn badly right now. Yup, a punch of soap is not even close to what you should deserve not forgetting the virtual *SLAP* and *KICK* you gave me, hahahahah, kidding. But thanks for helping with the dishes.

Hey, no worries ya, we both know nothing of that "sort" is on our minds, it is the 21st century. But I understand why though so I'm not whining about it. As tempted as I am to post your picture, I think I'll keep that part of memory in my lappy to myself. Anyways, becareful of what you wish for especially absurd things like durian fights, God knows what will happen..and not forgetting the invitation for a slap cos I've got the guts to.

Let's just blurr it a lil to not make things too obvious :)

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