Saturday, August 16, 2008


Another day has gone,
So swiftly the days passed by,
Sometimes it passes too quickly.
That I missed out on so many things in life,
Looking at the world with two eyes,
It is just not enough.
There are people I love,
People who despise me,
People I miss,
People I care for,
I even kept letters that lasted over years,
I kept all your pictures and presents,
Just hoping that there'd still be tomorrow.

State the obvious, I have nothing left to say,
Go tell your friends I'm just another clingy doll,
I don't care what you have left to say,
It has been far too long,
And I have tried so hard,
Nothing from you is that little to me,
But everything from me to you,
Is just another picture to burn.

I've been hanging on the rope,
Thinking that you'd hang on and come near,
Then you go and leave me,
Just stood there and watch me fall,
I couldn't make a sound,
You turned a deaf ear,
A blind eye,
Just to cut me out.
Words of my mouth,
Meditations of my heart,
Communications and interactions,
Exists the art of fencing,
Where we wouldn't give up,
Till it is all torn and worn,
Till we're out of breath,
That is when it is too late to apologize

How can I just let you walk away?
To turn around and see me cry?
There's so much I need to say to you,
But to you there is no reason to,
So all I can do is watch you leave,
We've shared the laughter and the pain,
We've even shared the tears,
You're the only one who really knew me at all,
When it finally strikes you,
Take a good long look at me,
There's just an empty space in me,
Would you care? or would you walk through that door?

I'm looking for that something you gave me not too long ago,
A simple line can make me complete,
With your shadow next to mine,
Who can deny the joy it brings,
For me its having you in my life,
To fill my empty bars and phrases,
Make me a whole piece to play again.
I've done many mistakes,
I've bruised many with my tongue,
I've gone through many troubles,
You've seen me through them all.

So tell me now,
Why an angel like you would choose to make me bruise?
Something I'd find only in the deepest friendship,
You helped me break free,
Guided me how to reach for those notes that seemed to high,
But why are you the reason I lost my highs and lows altogether?
Have I changed, or have you?
Don't tell me its too late,
Tell me we're done arguing for the littlest reasons,
Tell me you don't want to hear me say,
"I hate you"
Because I don't and never meant them,
Tell me you're done and so am I,
And we'll both find our way back from where it all started.

My heart is smaller than an ant really,
Would you just see the efforts I've put in for us?
Stop asking why should I?
Or why did I?
But a nod of acknowledgement,
What if tomorrow never comes?
Or will you wake up one morning and know how I feel,
And re-run our happiness all over again...

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