Saturday, August 23, 2008

Serve/ Be Served

I'm really happy for CF for trying to revive it. But sometimes I feel as though I'm the only one who's been over firing. I decided to come back to help, sorry to say this but I found it a good opportunity knowing G left CF for the time being. Allow me to explain myself, no I do not have the thought or intention for G to leave permanently but just its the best for now for me at least. I believe its about time we forget the past about who is who and what was what, but to focus on now and later. I told God that I really want to serve Him all over again, I know I can't because I don't belong in a church but CF both school and college I know I can if He'd let me. It never would've struck me till I spoke to S on msn the other night. I hadn't spoken to him in a long time so he asked me how was I and caught up with what's been going on in my life. We both may not have been very close but us beingsiblings in Christ, we know each other enough. He's always been my brother and a person I could count on no matter what.

He made me see how we can serve Him even though situations may not abide to it. I added J to the conversation and we started planning. Eventually we had to inform the vice president. S decided to come down from Semenyih for a thorough discussion and we did. I was pretty satisfied myself with the outcome. S and I spoke the night before that we ought to know everything that has been going on in CF through and through, no secrets, nothing. We thought we knew enough, so I asked the committee if anyone planned to do anything about G coming back. I don't object him from coming back, we are all a child of God, but really, if he's back, I'd choose to be gone because I doubt we see eye to eye about us being part of our Father's family.

I thought it would be best to get things going and then when he does return, it wouldn't hit us both too hard. Little did I know till we all headed to our teacher's house, she asked the vice president how was his talk and G go, and I was like huh? She then explained she told v.p to speak to him and etc. Interesting wasn't it? Something neither me nor S knew, we both exchanged looks but said nothing much. Before heading to teacher's home, one of us asked to go home if he is not really needed. Really, it shocked me. After much fire we have to pump it up for Jesus he decided to head home. I had no comments to give though he stayed on after that. Another one who is in charge of most things sounded geared up for this camp we came up with. But he really disappointed me the night before by not doing what he was suppose to do.

Everybody have their own tasks, but from what I see now, I think it was only S and I who shared the same vision. One week deadline is up in a few days, we all had our duties to fulfill, but something tells me, no one would be doing anything in the end. How can one expect response from others when you refuse to make the first step yourself? I really do not know how in depth one thinks of serving Him. For all I know, it was God's planning because since Monday I said to God, if it is Your will, then do something with my semester schedule, let me serve in any way You'd wish. Guess what? I'm off on Fridays which is something unusual for an A-level course.

I'm all geared up for God and for the young generation to rise up, my tasks for the week is done too. The question is, am I a one man army or the little team I thought we had would stand with me? They have failed to convince me so far, I'm stilll wondering and waiting for Wednesday for the time frame to be up.

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Karen said...

i really appreciate your efforts. It difficult for a person despite having many other obligations to serve God with a sincere and open heart. What you are doing is really something i would salute to. Believe and God will show you the way...he always does ;)

Vaga Luna said...

and i would say AMEN to that!! however, we should walk as a family, its not a time for Oscars or the Emmys... i pray that the current committee would come to their senses.. hmmm thanx for the support sista!!

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