Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The tornado

The recession of emotions,
As it whirls around my head,
Amazing how it caught hold of me,
Taking away every ounce of my soul,
Leaving nothing but the empty shell,
Basic necessities no longer mattered,
None knows the confusion roaring in me,
I am numb,
No paper cut can be felt,
Perhaps a chainsaw best describes,
As it cuts through someone,
The shrieks of pain, anxiety and need,
The trinity of the Trinity,
Where the blueprint of tribulation is exposed

Acknowledge my need,
Whom I desire,
For the new phase in this journey,
Where the only resolution from all this torment,
Is the longing for a soul,
A person who owns the fluctuations of tempo,
That will be the key to my success,
Alas! The appearance of scrutiny,
Led the tempo player be kept silent from my urges
The existence of such turmoil,
Has opened up a new path in my life,
A road of broken glass,needles and nails,
Where I walk with my barefeet,
Experiencing the fear I see and know of,
The challenge of facing new pairs of eyes,
Unleashing that falsetto,
That will astound the calamity in me into a twirl

A vibrato that guides and illustrates to the world,
Stripping me to the bone,
Exposing my bareself,
That all eyes will see,
My borders of music,
For I am a lost musician,
Who gave birth to the tornado in me...

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