Sunday, August 24, 2008

Get out

It's all what the world wears,
Skimpier the wrong way,
Thicker at the wrong time,
Perhaps we are of different fashion,
Since we don't get along between buttons,
You're Sam & Calvin,
While I, Ladylike,
We're of different cloth,
Thread and needles.
I assumed to much,
I thought I knew what linen you were,
Turns out you're rather remarkable,
A lil bit of linen,
A lil bit of cotton,
You're a mixture of both,
The mirror has two faces,
You scare and flatter me,
Leaving me in despair,
Not knowing how to play in your game,
I am exhausted after much trial.
You care then you don't,
You think then you don't,
You speak then you keep silent,
You haunt then you disappear,
Whenever I look,
You're never there,
Whenever I don't,
You're always there,
Hide and seek the gamemaster are you.
Exposing my all, I regret,
Leaving myself barenaked,
To a person who is fully clothed,
It defeats the Baroque period,
Not a two way interaction,
I apologise,
I do not understand you,
I would not want you to do the same for me,
Not anymore, not as much.
A wall of sound I have heard,
A wall of masks is what you have,
That is all I have seen,
That is what that scares me,
Offending you I shall not want,
But it seems to be my routine,
Whenever it rains,
You are not there,
Whenever I'm soaking with tears,
You are not there,
Whenever I need a helping hand,
You let me slip away.
Return to where it begin,
Is what I think is best,
The moment where it has all been brief,
When I meant nothing to you,
And when you meant nothing to me,
Memories is what I have,
A past is what you have,
Merry with those around you,
I gladly open my door for you,
So leave and be gone,
Get out and get gone.

I am that little in your eyes,
So leave, don't return,
Live your life as I live mine,
Get out.

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