Monday, August 25, 2008

Semester 3

Today's my first day in Semester 3. Bittersweet really, its a great to know I got through and so did my friends but one or two had to leave the programme because they did not meet the requirements. Like it or not, as time pass by we see each other daily for classes and if one leaves, there is an emptiness inside. Sadly, I'm a victim of food poisoning again. I thought I crushed my brother the other night with my amazing sleeping positions, ahahahaha, but no he got food poisoning too. I got mine a day later which is today. Sigh..... going to the loo every half hour is an agony really. Let's see, I unpacked at hostel yesterday night but I decided to spend time with mom so I followed her home. This morning I was suppose to be at Auntie P's house by 7.30am to get a ride back to college, I got up and had to go poop and heck yeah I was drained by 8am. I told mom to drop me at KTM, but I spent an hour at the toilet? It was worth my twenty cents finally.

I survived through Business class. Mom sent me to college in the end. She couldn't bear the thought of me needing to poop and travel at the same time. Business class was cool, Mr. C not lost his humour and got us rolling a lil today. As usual, he was late to class but not as bad as last semester on the first day, he was late for 40 minutes. I finished class and decided to walk my roomie to the Scholarship unit for her bla bla... and checked in at the Accomodation office for my room as well (i've duplicated my room key so it didn't matter anyways :P) Whilst walking I was babbling as usual then I realised, our coursemate the Sabahan boy... Law!!! was behind us. We went together. At the Scholarship unit, I tripped over the phone wire danggling in the air, which in turn jerked the phone on the desk, and knocked the desk, and some stack of things on its sides that made ringing noise, and with my loud GASP it was quite a scene. HAHAHAHA

Headed to the food court downstairs, forgetting I got diarrohea, dengan selambanya I ordered lou shi fan... ate heartily till Iyngaran came and snatched my purse and waved my IC around. Before he left he shook my shoulders while I was trying to savour my 100% ajinomoto concentrated soup. Arghhh!!!!! Then Jim and Avin came by and Avin knocked my head with a metal piece. What's wrong with you people? Stop knocking my head.

Walked all the way back to class, the journey is some what umm... ACS to Sinaran? sighs.. Walked up FOUR floors, to the SEVENTH room, the door was with stuck with a note written as below:

Name: T**********
Class: ECO 113 9A1/9B1
Date: 25/8/08

OMG, sir, we would've appreciated it if you'd sms us. Sigh, so roomie and I went to the bus stop so I could go back to seremban. That was it man, my stomach started to tsunami. Rushed all the way back to seremban, and wallah, my throne, wakkkakakaka, as disgusting as it sounds, have pity on me, my legs are all needles now and I have to sing tonight. I literally cried just now cos I was too weak, I don't know how I'm gonna sound later.

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Karen said...

itulah...doing stunts in the scholarship unit pulak....hahaha. Lucky u didnt give the soprano shriek.Anyways, i hope you get well soon!! oh ya, and i hope he says yes tonight...fingers crossed! Good luck girl

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