Sunday, August 10, 2008

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!!

Alrights people, my semester break is here, FINALLY. There's so many things I want to do but I don't know if anyone would join me or would I be able to do it, so don't laugh at my following list ok?

1. Intense swimming lesson for 2 weeks ( hope to master freestyle and backstroke, but insecure ecause i look like penguin in swimsuits)
2. Bury myself in the realm of Economics at the state library ( but worried to go alone because I
always end up sleeping between pages)
3. Attend acs choir practices ( but no idea when, since they don't even call me anymore... sobs)
4. Go for CF ( doubtful if anyone welcomes me cos i think they used to because of someone)
5. Take a train ride to midvalley and park my butt in mph and just read novels
6. Find a partner to work my voice exam pieces together with
( my personal composition part) but who?!?!?!
7. Go to PD with girlfriends but the plan looks rather faint now, hopefully its on so I can hit the
beach and go nuts in the seas!
8. Spend some time with a good companion at city park and gain some inspiration hopefully
(but i have no idea who as well)
9. Have a cuppa with anyone willing at Starbucks, S2..... gimme a cat anyone?!
10. Lean how to play Jazzy ( i'm addicted to it now, i hear it on the cd player 23 times a day)
11. Karaoke!!!! ( but its rather depressing to sing alone)
12. Play table tennis (missed those times in school, tumc got table, but no player)
13. Spend an evening at lake gardens (watching the lake, lying on the grass, God give me them
music in me again)
14. Fishing. (sadly, many think its boring)
15. Go for LUNCHES (its been so long since i've got lunch, skipped it so long now)
16. Get kicked out from Parkson ( banging on the pianos at the exhibition for too long, can't help
it, they're so nice)
17. Glue my eyes on the tv screen watching Tom and Jerry (weeeeee)
18. The library again, to study for external papers
19. Yam cha with any mates available
20. Avoid Grace Leong in case she perms my hair (i'll end up bald for torturing my poor hair)
21. Be out of the dilemma of constipation, a.k.a sembelit ( malu lar, but can't help it!! laxatives
won't work)

Yup yup, I wanna do all these stuff during this sem break, so join me alright? Chitty chitty don't waste my holies, don't get on my nervies, or you'll get Bang Bang!! I'm nuts I know but not sleeping for a week, and I meant literally not sleeping, I'm totally cracked.... :P

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