Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Kidz Explosion

It was the Kidz Explosion, a Christmas programme held by Jonathan's church on the 23rd of December in which I signed up to help like two months before..hehehehe

Cute right? Like sesame street... by the way, the one at the most bottom ain't a puppet, just so you know. Hahaa

See? Kids!!

Kids again!! They even took over worship!

This cute little handsome drummer... eee he makes my heart beat in rhythm *winks*

(I know, I always say I hate kids, but aren't they adorable?)

But wait......those are just the nice pics..........

Two situations here. One big kid who wants to big a kid still ( the kneeling down one) hehe
The big guy back there being bullied by the younger nowadays.. mengganas

Cowboy carol for christmas? Yeeeeeehaaa!!! lol

Ah, our handsome prince, the MC of the day!! pfffttt!!(must give him credit lah rite? he's got higher chances of reading my blog)

See these two mascots? Jonathan nearly tricked me into being the female one. You bad bad boy!

But they are so cuteeeeeeeeeee..... they let out alot of air during the party...if you know what I mean. hahaha

Check out the pastor groovin babeh!

Oh no! The youths are taking over...they can't take it knowing their old anymore!

Woah........I thought Jon wouldn't wanna groove. woohoo... check them all out wriggling eh? =.=

Pastor decided to get off his chair and join in too...too bad I had to snap this pics..else I'd be one of those "pairs" out there XD

The big kid --- Rodger..

Wanna quote me pulak.. instead of saying "say wha" he said......

"Talk to hand lady!"


Of course food was one of the agenda in which J came in time rather conveniently after his youth service in TOW...and enjoyed the meal while I rested to recharge my in 'my' batteries?

The stars!!!

The gang!! My picture with them is in Uncle P's camera lah...sigh!

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