Friday, January 9, 2009


Today, D told me that they are planning to have the camp as a tradition from now on. I'm really touched. Never will I forget the reasons for returning, for going through that hassle. There were so man reasons to begin with. I recovered from my misery because of the help of those few who were in the committee, and it was something I could do in return. Secondly, I abused my powers when I was the president, it was time to fix it. As for J, I left him hanging for 8 months and I was responsible for that.

When I heard news G left them. When I tried to get out of the pain from G, I chose to haunt him. Haunt him till I'm over myself for him. I chose to serve God and pray for him despite how much I was hurt. Look at me now, I am truly happy. He, he's just another chapter that I'm done with. And its a moment where I knew that my friends and family would stick up for me.

They wanna make it a tradition, my prayers would be with them. Now, I live a life knowing how it hurt to be disappointed and abused by someone whom was once yours, instead of allowing it to pull me down, I want to make use of this experience and care for those who needed to be cared for. Why? Because you guys were there for me too.

I love all of you

Let this be a tradition for all of us, spread the love, spread the care, spread the comfort, cos you can help avoid spilling blood. I've been there, I know.


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KIT SING said...

You've finally got what you've been fighting for these past 8 months ... Happy now ?!? Stress yourself no more okay ?!?

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