Saturday, January 10, 2009

For Mum

Fatigue overwhelmed me as I worked around the clock,
Sometimes I wonder why I suffer,
Relations asked me why I bothered,
Simply I only said,
It is a bill I have yet to pay,
The obstacle or the fee for me to cross over,
Because I am finally sober.

They aren't just mere recognitions,
The price I pay for all the challenges,
Comes with a mighty amount of pain,
But the sweet surrender are those diplomas,
Carrying them home to bring a smile on her face.

I detest everything she wished for,
But the years in my life taught me otherwise,
A duty of care I owed my mother's love,
I want ot make her feel worth it,
With the mound of my success in stored,
Though I may tire for the rest of my days,
If giving up comfort and rest is all it takes,
I do it for her,
In hope that she knows my intentions.

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