Sunday, January 18, 2009


I'm crying,
Tears like rain,
Howling for all the pain,
I'm nobody in any unusual type of vain,
But I've just got too much on my plate,
Sadly, I don't have such an appetite,
And I don't know how to clean this plate.

Troubles keep dicing at me,
The days are getting more difficult,
I just want a listening ear to hear me out,
But I only watched till the candle.... grow dim..

I awake wishing for a better day,
But it's just a bad day for way too many days,
I've fallen ill,
And fallen again repeatedly,
This challenge that I plot for myself this year,
Had been a decision from the growing fire I did not realise,
Green eyes watching you,
Hurting you when you are least alert,
Smiles of joy fades away,
I see no silver lining in the sky...

I sweep the dead leaves on the ground,
I turned around and came back around,
I solved one,
There comes another,
My energy is wearing out,
And I don't have another.

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