Friday, January 16, 2009

Car accident

Mom left on Thursday night. I juggled my time on Friday. I was let off early by my lecturer at one pm. But since I promised J and A I'd send them home too, I waited for their class to finish at four. Finally, we could leave, as I exit the car park, a Vios knocked me from the back. And then I knew, that one portion of hell has just begun. When the car knocked me, honestly, I was panicky, but no one was there to help me. Yes, I was not driving alone in my car, but I was alone if you know what I mean. I got down, not daring to view my car damages, I walked over to the culprit's to inspect his and guess mine out from there. His was horrible. Front left light smashed, front left body crushed in like a carbonated drink can. What's left of mine?

I dared not even take a look. I questioned him his intentions of settlement. Yet he merely said "Its okay lah I'll settle my own one" I find these brats rather insufferable. "I don't care how you settle yours, I want to know how you're going to settle mine" Together we walked to my car and inspected my damages. By the grace of God it was not a very major issue but it was major in the fact that my car's only 5 months old or so. I looked up hoping someone would voice something and stand up for me as well. But no one was saying anything to defend me. I was left all alone to defend myself and my rights. By the time I got into my car, I was shaking, but no one would care. No one said any words of comfort to me....not until I met A at his hostel block, and he calmed down a litlte bit.

Sometime's life is just so funny. You think you know a person well but then you don't really know in the end. Not too many days ago, a lecturer from my college and her husband and son died from a car crash on the exact road I take to college every single day. How was I suppose to feel? I was mortified. My foot tapping the accelerator is like a life and death decision everytime now. The question is, who's going to be there for me even if I do die in a car crash?

I got home. I called an Uncle from church. He came just two minutes after I arrived home. Sometimes I feel that certain friends are more family to me. I was just hurting too much. I settled whatever I could and resided on my desk. I was online, and Mandy and Xinyi came by to pick me up for a trip to the night market nearby. Everything was calm and peaceful, I thought that by nightfall good will return to my life. What could we have expected when M lost her purse in the middle of the market? Frantic hit me like buzzed wires... we searched high and low rounds after rounds... my head was spinning whizzedly. Mandy gave up. I gave up. We all didn't know what to do.

But let this be a testimony from me and Xinyi. When we were both hunting our pathways for the purse, we said, "God, do something, this can't be a bad day for her too. It's just way too unfair." Seeing M in despair we were utmost concerned. M dropped X to my home and left to her solace. As I dashed out of home with my purse and drove X out of my garden, the only thing we could do was to think of buying M a new purse and try to retrieve whatever that can be replaced most easily first. However, along the way, M called and said a good samaritan delivererd her purse home to her.

Didn't I tell you that God answers prayers?

X and I were starving and we settled down at a Mamak stall Jieg took me last time. Then awhile, Pauline, Jared and the rest of the youths came along. No, Jieg wasn't there if D's wondering whether he was. X and I ate and chatted, then it was my turn on deja vu again. I left my purse at home after all. I was tired, after the scene today at college. I drove Xinyi home and couldn't risk driving back without a license knowing I might just be the next culprit and I wont have a license to show.

I am very grateful Xinyi despite her fatigue, drove me all the way back to my home and returned to hers. I ditched my car at her place for the night.

This night I couldn't sleep. But I was grateful nothing happened to X. It was some kind of a game of bad luck. That just kept bowing its arrows on us...

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