Saturday, January 17, 2009

The arrow shot her

Today, I woke up hoping for a better day. I headed to Perodua to get a price quote for my damages. Uncle said last night that it would be around RM 250. But after Perodua checked, it was above RM 300. Shortly after that I had breakfast with Errol. I'm very sorry towards him because I could not give him my full attention despite his efforts to come and help me work plans out for the choir in school. My siblings called me curious about how I'm going to settle the problem. I got lectured and advised from a few people, in the end, as I was still on the phone, I just knelt down and cried. It hurt too much. I don't think anyone would know how it feels to be at a point where you just don't know what else to do anymore. And the world was blaming you for every mistake that should not have belonged to yours.

I worked on the choir plans with E a little more, constantly interrupted by more frustrating calls. I faced difficulty with the careless driver. He dared me to make a report. I was afraid, not to the police, but being alone there at the station to defend myself. I put down the phone and my mind was trying to find a solution, but it was too exhausted to even remember why E was doing at my home. Yes, it was that bad a situation. I am only an 18+ year old girl. Messing with a young man is entirely out of the question. My brother's friend A was supposed to sleep over after attending a wedding tonight. Thank God he was willing to come over, drove my car and took me to Nilai to settle the argument.

The boy gave in. I literally turned white since morning. By late evening, Mandy called and said she could give me a lift after I park my mom's car at my sister's home porch. She waited for quite sometime outside as I couldn't find the key. Everything was so hectic. And at the same time E said he lost his way by taking the wrong exit from highway and was on his way to PD. I was responsible for that. I was responbile for everything. Mandy's time, E's safety...

I finally sat down again and went online, Xy was online too. I blurted my heartache to her and shockingly, she sprained her foot too. I didn't know what to do, but I knew enough was enough. I grabbed my keys and purchased a tub of ice-cream and headed to her home.

As I was on my way, I text her to ensure she was home. She was worried for me too and forbid me from visiting her and told me to stay put at home. But knowingly I wouldn't;

"Hey, you sure you okay"

Xy replies positively...

"Did I tell you I was santa girl when I was ten?"

She did not reply... but her dad accompliced with me as he was washing the car outside. Managed to sneak in... well, though she read the SMS much later, santa girl arrived first :P

Her dad was so nice and friendly, he even offered to polish my car. It was rather comforting. Someone who actually cared for my car too. Xy took me to dinner and shopped for Chocs as a gratitude to A who drove me up.

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