Saturday, January 10, 2009

The journey

Sand flowing through the funnel,
As I strive along the tunnel,
I recall faint memories of being here once,
Only this time it was no longer for solace,
But mere chance of victory,
To grant me the joy that I deserved.

Many doubts and fears I carry with me,
It is the only path to lead me home,
You have taken everything I ever wanted,
Though I pleaded for mery you never granted,
You made my heart sore,
Now this is the remedy for the core.

Love me not and you shall never,
For I was the fool and you were the clever,
I am grateful for the presence of others,
They warmed me up when you snatched my covers,
I shall be the sculptor of my life,
For I am no longer your wife.

I am ready now,
To allow this bitterness to depart from my soul,
Because the stench is getting rather foul,
I want my life back,
May you bless me back on track.

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