Monday, January 19, 2009

The road to establishment

Minutes pass in vain,
Taking its stroll of pain,
Length of this path burdens me,
Is this a curse
Or is it mere choice?

The voices demanding more of you,
Instructing for your attention,
You make a wrong turn and the voices will change,
A symphony of negativity and shame,
As you continue limping through with your head hung low

Beats are getting faster,
Like your heart beats against your chest,
Pounding on you from the east to west,
When will you complete the quest?
To that faint picture of your stable nest

The more they demand of you,
The more sacrifices you make,
These aren't the fear that you should fear,
But rather fear that these fears would stop,
For when they stop haunting you,
That is when you worth no price,
And your name pays no dignity

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