Friday, January 23, 2009

One pm

One pm sharp and I'll be as limpy as a wilting flower,
One pm sharp I start to chill and feel the quiver of ice down my spine,
One pm sharp my body shatter into little pieces when my muscles fail to coordianate,
One pm sharp when I'll lay very still in bed,
The only thing I could do is to lay still,
Gritting my teeth,
And pray for the discomfort to go away,
When I am not anywhere near my bed,
That is when I suffer the most,
Kneeling at wherever shades most,
And sob my tremors to an end...

When will this end?
I hope its soon,
Moving a stickshift as though I'm moving a pillar of the Roman times,
I am awake,
But I look as though I'm drugged,
This is unfair,
Because my life cannot be on hold any longer,
I need to hurry and rush,
Before I'm left behind,
Dear tremor,
Please leave me alone?

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