Saturday, January 31, 2009

Physical Apperances

Sometimes we humans are just plain negligent and this is when ignorance is a bliss. I fear myself too if I were to be high and mighty some day would I forget who I was before I am who I am then? We all strive to make ourselves a better person regardless physically, emotionally or spiritually. We buy concealers, we lose weight, we buy lipsticks, we scale our teeth, we change our fashions and hairstyles... I find that as a need a mode of vanity to be more comfortable with ourselves in this community.

I find it rather upsetting whenever some other people comment or criticize the way we are or the way we are striving. But tonight at a party I realised on thing that I've failed to see for quite a long time. We are all ugly. I mean, let's face it, no matter what you do or say, there will be one part in yourself that you do not like or wish were different and there would be one part of other people that you would not agree with as well.

To me, I think we should respect those who strive to look pleasant. Not to say that we are going against God's creation, but we are merely trying to make the best out of our features as how I would put it. So I don't find it as something to laugh about. Nor something to comment negatively about but rather something to learn from, something to be respected, adored and practiced.

We are all ugly, thats what makes us beautiful. It only depends on how we look at things and how you understand the difficulties it takes to become who you are and when you are who you are that you want to be, will you remember your strive to this journey or would you forget all the effort and look down on others who's just begun the same journey that you have succeeded?

I dedicate this post to someone who mattered to me tonight, and also I dedicate this post to myself because I know the pain, I know the hassle, I know the difficulty. And if you've been there done that, then take a minute and try to understand a person in that similar situation.

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