Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Meet up

I met you today, and it's just so unusual. Well of course, we can't be as how we used to anymore, but that was not what mattered, we felt so.... smooth.... as if we never once hated each other. But I know you kept it short. I understand. When you told me that latest event of yours, it tears my heart to know that you are at that..but I also know that if I were to show another inch of concern, you'd vanish from me in just a snap of a finger.

It was worth the shot meeting up today, two tall glasses, a corner table, talking about nothing but everything. I wish and I hope that you'd remain like this forever. Because its very comfortable talking like this. It gives me the peace, there's no more fighting, no more hating, no more revenge, that's what I pray for.

I tried to reach out, but you obviously fringed yourself. Will there be a second time? It is indeed a start of a new year, or would we both be walking out separate paths, pretending not to once know and died for each other? I'm so confused, all I know is I still care.

Lemon tea/ lime tea.... it doesn't matter. If you can still distinguish the taste of both, that's all that matters really.

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