Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Port Dickson trip was the holidays.... so for a kick start, my girlfriends ---- MANDY AND XIN YI. (yep, Mandy, I'm announcing your names out loud!) lol.

Where was I? Oh right... we the girls, la femme... muah... *winks* HAHAHAHA headed off to Port Dickson, Glory Beach Resort for an evening. J hung out with us too, sometimes I wondered if he had fun on this day 'cos he was the only boy. But it was fun for me though.

The entrance of the "glory" beach...still standing huh? Wait till we bombard it. :P

Of course, you'd think we'd be so mean and just have ONE boy on our outing without supervision? Wakakakakakaakka!! My dear mommy!!

Yes, ladies, my car's sexy. Live with it :P (kidding!)

I think Mandy was trying to emphasis the dirt on my car instead :(

Yeah, charlie's angels come on!

(gosh i'm so sweattttttttt)

Well, xin yi and I was standing there to plot some payback pranks on know who...the only XY. HAHAHAHAAH

So what else did we do??

And there it was! Payback!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee.......though I must say, Xin yi wasn't helping much on the victim, she was torturing me instead. heheheeheh

We decided that J needed baptism and of course I was the only "eligible" one to carry out this ceremony. LOL!!

Ah......he ran away, typical him. But did you have to run in such a Bollywood drama way? People think otherwise you know??!!!

She decides to pose part time since they were hiring.................

This woman is great! She can be vain.............. HAHAHAHAHA.....i love you chic!

Ah.... though they were not hiring, she insists on creating a job position on her own...

Okay, I'm not five but I just enjoyed doing that. I made them out of the trash bin in my car! heeh

I decided to test on my FIFA kick... ^.^

You think I'd let him go at just that??

Look at my laughter ? That's pure happiness in torturing someone.. gee

And X marks the spot and I ain't telling you where was it.. *innocent look*

Yup, your butt's dirty dude... clean it!

I told you he was a pervert!! Look at him! Its pure proof!!

Yeah, hide your face you fraud!! *winks*

I begged him over with my puppy face (*vomits*)

To slap him! *slap* woohoo!! salute me!!

Love me, my victory! Hahahahahahaha

Ah...Mandy and I...just the two of us, we can make it if we try...just the two of us~~

I decided to ask her how she felt...about the whole trip.

But before I tell you what she said, Please, allow me to pose a lil... :P

Xinyi and I.......

This woman kept teasing me and J...... sweat!

She made me puke!


One whole pond ah!



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