Thursday, December 4, 2008

Blissful Tongue

Alas! The art of hypocracy has been revealed!
The bitterness obtained from the poison of his tongue,
As he puts his evil vision into words,
Oh! A disgrace to mankind,
A young boy, a chap yet to see the world,
So sadly, he has become the potion of Romeo and Juliet,
Causing nothing but mere pain and scrutiny.

Repent a lesson I shallt not dare teach,
For the words that speaketh through one's lips,
Should bear the fruit of that tree,
A lesson simple yet so difficult to follow,
Leading many to a road all so narrow,
The wrong road taken by this young fellow.

Once we forgiven,
Twice we voiced our disapproval,
Thrice he entered his own deathbed,
Sacrificing that one bit of treasure we all must have,
He shall never have till this day forth.

The tongue is so useful yet so blissful,
May we all watch our prima donna-itis self,
That we do not hurt others,
A lesson I yet to master myself,
But may this version of the accult Casanova be extinguished.

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