Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Things to do on Tuesday

1. Move piles of clothes back into cupboard in mom’s room
2. Clear off brother’s cupboard top, and stack up his boxes up there
3. Fix up one 3-tier shelf next to the computer table
4. Clear the big red basket at my room door and decide what to put in it
5. Put up new curtain at brother’s room
6. Clear first 3 shelves in white cabinet near glass door
7. Move DVD player to mom’s room
8. Go to computer shop to find out Printer prices
9. Put Ian’s book to photocopy
10. Figure a way to keep my undergarments so mom can have her box back
11. Clean the balcony
12. Fix back brother’s bed mattresses
13. Put a new rack in the toilet
14. White cabinet from brother’s room put at car porch
15. Plug in speakers ( to take from Michelle’s home) to the computer
16. Store in story books and unused books into the store room
17. Move back TV cabinet things to its places

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