Thursday, December 4, 2008

I miss you

It wasn't that long ago,
That we spoke rather often,
Twas then it was all over,
All opportunities were used up,
Then there was nothing left to be endavoured...

Once then you're a fool,
But twice, I'm the real fool,
Faced life changing events without you,
Though taken with courage,
I sigh with relief without full satisfaction,
Because I wish I could share it with you,
Till there come a time,
When I cannot any longer..

Misty mornings,
Blazing noons,
Wet and damp evenings,
Left me hot and cold,
Shivering and shuddering,
Reading pages through blurry eyes,
Teardrops pouring with the rain,
No one would understand the pain...

The warmth of your presence,
Enlightens the ambience,
We used to ignore all consequences,
Exploring and improvising without limitations,
When will we restore,
And grant me that secure,
I shall not want to be apart,
For I am stumbling and with a longing heart,
I miss you.

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