Thursday, December 4, 2008

She will be loved

Time flies so quickly, I just couldn't believe my eyes we are now in the twelfth month of the year. Despite the rough edges and winding corners, we are where we are right here right now. Legal babies we are many, shallt not I forget the girlfriends who stood by me through the stormy seas when my journey with a few loved ones left my door. I never really planned a birthday for this someone before, somehow this time, her birthday seemed to be rather a necessity to plan for. Yes, I am rather mischevious and cheeky by nature as we can see with M's birthday this year, but this time, I don't know if I should broaden by actions, but oh what is there to lose?

Being eighteen isn't entirely awesome for me really. Turmoil here and there tires me down and sometimes I must admit that I hate to be old. However, I noticed and am sincerely touched by those who will be with me and forever will be in hope, and so, I really pray to God that she will find this little planning an enjoyable one.

With our shoulders heavy with work, responsibilities and commitments, there is little that I know of this special someone and the rest of those who's birthdays have passed. I am trying to know and find out hoping to at least strike a few corrects keeping her happy for this birthday. My birthday party was a blast, but the days that follow was aghast, some experience I'd kill to forget... I want all my buddies birthdays to be happy this year and nothing but jolly with lolly, and lucky she, she will celebrate it with some holly.....

I'm rather anxious and nervous not knowing what's good and what's best. But I just hope that in time as the countdown gets nearer to this little lunch date, she will be rest assured that this is a promise I keep in me that ~~ She will be loved. Allow me to finish by crossing my heart to seal that promise embedded.

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