Saturday, November 29, 2008

Steamboat Buffet

Today I went to Jon's church for youth service. That BFL that man! He text me the other night saying there was some guest speaker coming or something? J tagged along too. Yep, Jon was the worship leader and he was the "guest speaker" Hahahahahaha

But he looked so cute when he was trying to share a topic on LOVE. Let's see how many things he tricked me: -

1. Text me and told me to bring my friends cos its gonna be a gathering.
2. Guest speaker ------------ aha...yeah right..
3. Try out on the keyboard. -----I became the pianist for his worship impromptu.

OKAY, yes, we did have fun and learnt 1 Chorintians 4:13

In the middle of the service, Hau texted me and invited me for steamboat dinner. LOL, so much for wanting to go home early to rest my headache. How can I decline an opportunity to fellowship with my girlfriends? Trailed their car from Kemayan Square to Lobak. Yup, we ate from 6.30pm till 10.00 pm. Mom's very happy to hear that I guess, Maine finally ate!! XD

One funny thing which I don't think I'll ever forget was this... J gave me a goodbye hug as usual, nothing indifferent to me as that's how I socialize with my friends and a few of the junior's committee...... in the process I spotted queer eyes from my back mirror. When Hau hopped in the car to guide me, she said, "Hi, Charmaine, can I ask you a question?"

Guess what I said?

"No, we're not dating"

She said, "Oh okay...ahah you know what I wanted to ask"

Who wouldn't? hahahahahahahahaha.... !!!

But hell yeah, I had fun with my girlfriends tonight. I love you girls :-

1. Hau Eng Huan
2. Mandy Low Man Yee
3. Chong Xin Yi


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