Friday, November 21, 2008

Lousy singer

I practiced with a determination,
I rejoiced as I captivated my sister's attention,
I memorised every word and every note,
I even found time to re-decorate apart from what he gave me,
I've plough through every piece,
I've sung to a near ace,
In the car,
In the toilets,
In front of my friends,
At home,
I headed out to rehearsal with confidence,
But when I stepped into the room,
And faced her face to face,
I somehow lost my grip,
It was as though I was never told she would replace,
I tried,
Believe me when I said I did,
I moved from one corner to the other,
I screamed,
I breathed,
I focused,
No matter how well I sung in my solitude,
Despite my hopes and dreams to please him,
Regardless of my promise to my dear friend that this would be,
One hell of a rehearsal,
It is indeed,
The gates of hell has opened,
Because I have never failed this bad before,
Especially when I've really worked it all out,
Something I decided to go for,
An achievement,
In which I will never grasp,
For the truth be told,
I am nothing but a lousy singer,
A disgrace to the most honoured Caladra,
Leaving a spit on my face by the producers of Broadway themselves,
For having the sheer guts,
To even hope,
To even have that slightest thought,
And belief,
That I could actually sing,
I earned myself tonight,
A title,
I am indeed,
A lousy singer...

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