Thursday, November 6, 2008


Darn exhausted today when I came back, cos I'm falling ill. I can feel it. Gonna need proper rest this weekend. Heh...yeah right as if anyone would let me. I was pretty tension when I was about to start worship today, dude, I'm no leader. Thank God they tolerated my fussiness and annoying attitude and hair pulling scenes.

Never did I imagine I had to lead B's worship. I've been preparing mine all week but never hers. Yikes, I thought... but oh what the heck eh? I'm really really grateful I had everybody's co-operation. Thank God.

I don't know if I've served the purpose that is to show B how it's done but I really felt like me when I did it. And the musicians and vocals were awesome....this people are undeniably talented. The way worship was brought up and quieten down, I don't think I've experienced that in a very long time.

It doesn't matter how well a person leads but rather how does the person relate to his or her team. That's something I learnt that I must master in order to gain better team work spirit.
I love them. :)

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