Tuesday, November 18, 2008


My journey has just begun,
And this journey will last only seven days,
Will I succeed in achieving something that I've had a passion,
But yet deny it out of fear and discrimination,
Or will I fall, fail due to my fraility...

I've made a decision to give it a shot,
The moment I made that decision,
I told him,
That watchful eye that faded 5 months ago,
In hope that he will keep watch for me,
I know I am not in the position to,
But I had to try,
Because at this point of time,
I have no one in hope for me,
I have nothing to hope for,
I have no one to turn to...

Thank you, dear you,
For telling me I would be in your prayers,
Because you're the only one who understands,
How I've been feeling and how I truly feel,
I am nothing but sorry, and regret,
For hurting you previously,
But you have given me hope,
With that simple sentence...

I pray to God tonight
That all the prayers I'll be receiving,
Will be heard by Him,
Because I really had no intention to sloth,
But rather I made a decision to push everything aside,
To what my heart told me to do,
Just that I never expected it to last for 4 months...

Now I'm on my own again,
Yet, much stronger and in hope,
I still fear their fall,
Funny thing is,
Why do I still worry and think about them,
Now that I have a time bomb in front of me?

I can only imagine what would life be,
The day I see them pass me by,
All grown up,
But coming back to do what was done this time...

As for my voice,
I made a decision to try this Tuesday,
Because of what I sang on Saturday,
And Sunday,
I meant every word I sang

My father I adore you,
May you not ever leave me,
Because you mean more than music to me,
You are my melody,
And it was my desire and still is to do what I did,
I want to sing to You,
That you'd be my vision and focus when I stand on that stage,
That you'll grant me that faith.

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