Friday, November 21, 2008

Lousy lousy

I'm really upset tonight, because its not that I didn't try my best, in fact, I was so ready to show them what I prepared, but its all gone now. The moment I stepped in, she gave me a friendly wave, hah, unfortunately it worked the other way around. I begin to tremble. The exact feeling I had when I met people before campfire this year, only this time, the door slams behind me, and my teacher takes the seat of the judge.

I looked at my page of the book. Funny why I still looked at it, cos that day when D called and say I ought to prepare for my exams, I made very sure I memorised everything before I left home this morning. But when I found my page, it felt as though I've never learnt italian before. I tongue twisted my way through... here's an example:

"In the scented bud of the morning O, where the windy grass went rippling far..."

but I went...

"Into scented bud O of the morning, where the rippling grass went windy far..."

I hate myself. Especially for the song Sebben Crudele. My advantage was my fluency in Italian.. but I ruined it. The ornaments I prepared to make it more my song, to make it more my composition, more style to it, as required by the teacher prepared me simple ones, but these few days, I worked out better ones to make myself stand out. Bull..... I sounded far worse than a six year old singing with a cough.

Alas, the Broadway song......shall we dance? Quoting D : My arse.......
I imitated the voice of "Anna" very well and impressive to have my teacher talk about it so much... but I saw him sink into his chair and watch me in disgust.

The pianist, I bet she thinks I'm horrible too. We didn't even look at each other after that. It was all too ugly. I hate myself so very much. The fire didn't rekindle, it fused. I bet D agrees with that too.

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