Monday, November 10, 2008


You flipped to that page again tonight,
When you text me to ask me why,
I forgive you for what you've done,
But why now and not then?
Because the hurt you gave me then,
Not anyone could pay that price..

We doubted each other,
I will never know how and why,
Now we are talking,
I don't want to get too close,
Because you still make my knees weak,
If you knew the true me,
I'd still be yours...

Amazing how you could smell another's hair,
'Cos I could swear you said mine was what you wanted,
Giving me hopes and dreams,
That was far higher than the sky,
Leaving me to fall lower than the gates of hell,
I hate that feeling you give me,
That hot and cold,
Need me then you don't,
'cos I really needed you,
Till I was on my knees begging,
With bleeding lips...
But you turned and said
Nice to meet me anyways...

Don't tell me how hard it had been,
I know better,
'Cos you said you were mine,
But you never stayed,
You collapsed that part of my world,
In which I've turned off the lights now,
I don't think I ever want to turn it on again...

Don't question me now,
Because you only make my body sick,
Everything I am now,
Is because of you,
You're like a chemical,
Poisoning me little by little,
Till every joint and every pore,
Turn blue....
Till I am cold and frozen,
With eye lids that will never shut again.

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